We offer a variety of services at our three locations.

  • Wellness & Preventative Care Examinations

The physical examination is one of the most important components of your pet’s veterinary care. The veterinarian will examine your pet from head to tail, as well as everything in between.  Physical examinations allow us to  detect any abnormalities that can go undetected at home and potentially lead to serious problems.

  • Vaccinations

Just like any other member of your family, your pet requires certain vaccinations to live a happy and healthy life. Vaccinations protect your pet against serious and sometimes life threatening diseases.

  • Labratory

Blood, urine and stool testing help us check for infection. Not to mention, blood testing can detect illness in your pet even before we see any symptoms. Annual wellness blood work also gives us your pet’s normal baseline values to compare each year. We also perform ear swabs, skin scrapings and fine needle aspirates to identify various cells.

  • Surgery

Our surgical procedures include spaying and neutering, dewclaw and lump removal, cruciate repairs as well as comprehensive dental cleanings and extractions. We do pre-anesthetic blood work to ensure your pet is healthy enough to undergo anesthesia. Our procedures include a full day of hospitalization and monitoring by our doctors and veterinary technicians. We also include IV fluids to keep your pet hydrated which will allow them to recover faster.

  • Microchip Pet Identification

Microchips are a safe, permanent way of identifying your pet and protect them for a lifetime.  A small rice sized computer chip is placed under the skin in the shoulder area of your pet, much like a vaccination injection. Should your pet go missing and be taken to a veterinary clinic or shelter, your pet will be scanned and identified.

  • Ultrasound Technology
  • Radiology
  • Boarding
  • Parasite Prevention
  • Pharmacy
  • Pet Food & Supplies