How to Identify Signs of Pain in Cats

Signs of Pain in Cats
Over the years, natural selection has given cats the ability to mask their pain extremely well. Pain is a sign of weakness, and weakness is sign of an easy prey. Often, illnesses in cats go undetected due to the fact that they show minimal signs of pain. Therefore, it is important to look for subtle behavioral changes in our furry family members.

For example, certain behavioral changes include:

-Difficulty moving
-Decrease in overall activity
-Lack of grooming
-Straining to urinate or defecate

Similar to humans, pets also have routines and any irregular behavior is generally a sign of stress. If your cat is displaying any of these symptoms please consider having them examined by your veterinarian.

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Baywood Participates in the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival

Baywood Animal Hospitals Support the Farley Foundation
Helping people. Healing pets.

Baywood Animal Hospitals will be taking part in the Barrie Dragon Boat Festival on August 25th in support of the Farley Foundation.

The Farley Foundation subsidizes necessary veterinary care for pets belonging to low income seniors, persons with disabilities, Ontario Works recipients and abused women.

Pets play a vital role in our lives. With your support, we can assist pets to be happy and healthy, so that they may continue their relationship with their human companions for as long as humanely possible.

Baywood Animal Hospitals’ team “How to Spay Your Dragon” will be collection donations in clinic at all of our three locations or online at

Thank you for your support!

Every Day is Pet Dental Awareness, Education, Care and Treatment

Does the dental tray of instruments look familiar? Human dental care professionals use the same ones we use on your pets oral care.

Celebrating National Pet Dental Month! Does your pet have bad breath, stained teeth, red or inflamed gums or stained teeth?  Have you notice a change in chewing habits?  These are all signs of dental disease which is painful and leads to bacteria build up and organ damage.  Dental care is a key part of your pets every day health.  Contact us to answer your pet related health questions and to book a thorough dental examination.

Happy New Year!

May 2018 be filled with health, happiness, comfort and joy. Hoping you take the lead from our “book worms” and get lost in a wonderful book you just can’t put down to pass these cold winter days.  Perhaps a biography or fiction or self improvement or try a new cooking style or pickup up an audio book. So many wonderful options.   Enjoy the benefits of reading and do share a good book title with us.  Don’t forget your pets vision is a vital part to their health.  They can develop cataracts, vision loss and other ocular issues or diseases that we look for during their yearly physical.  If you are noticing your pets eyes are cloudy or have discharge, squinting or color/shape change please contact us to assess your pets eye health. 

Christmas Holiday Hours

Seasons Greetings from the Baywood Animal Hospital Staff to you and yours including your furry 4-legged friends. Both Baywood (Midhurst) and Baywood South (Minet’s Point Rd) Animal Hospitals have the same holiday hours (as listed beside Scooby Santa in picture) whereas Animal Hospital in Gravenhurst is CLOSED at Friday December 22nd at 5pm until Tuesday January 2nd 8am. Hoping you all have a safe and enjoyable Christmas Holiday. If there is a veterinary emergency or your pet requires care please call or go directly to the Huronia Veterinary Emergency Clinic at 115 Bell Farm Rd. Unit 110, Barrie 705-722-0377. Please check your pets food supply and medications to ensure you have enough on hand during the Christmas Holidays. Please place orders in advance to prevent disappointment. From all of us to all of you may the festive season capture & sustain the spirit of kindness, compassion and understanding. Merry Christmas